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"Tom is what I like to call the "double threat," equally knowledgeable in both sales and operations.  He understands the depth and breadth of operations and all that entails.  But in addition he has carried the bag and managed sales and relationship teams so he is very client centric.  The right combination for a company with two problems and only the budget for one."

John Rawlins, former Chief Revenue Officer – Regulus Group

"Tom is an insightful and well connected consultant.  I have worked with his several times over the last 15 years.  Most recently he conducted a competitive study for my organization and provided actionable recommendations that assisted our product team with pricing and product development planning.  His professionalism coupled with his superior communication skills enabled him to work well with my entire team and bring significant value."

Mary Hockridge
EVP, Sales & Marketing NetDeposit

"I've known and worked for and with Tom for over 4 years.  He is an excellent leader with a wealth of banking knowledge and a unique ability to successfully bring diverse personalities and skills together in a team environment."
Ken Ferguson
Account Executive, Spatial Integrated Systems, Inc

"Over the years I have worked with Tom and have found him to be knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with.   He is really on top of the latest happenings in the industry and is a good resource for discussions and ideas related to sales, operations and strategic planning."
Sandra B., EVP, $1 billion PN financial institution

"BraMicMar Solutions has been a fantastic asset in reshaping operations of organizations to better position them in this competitive marketplace.  Their engagement results have allowed their clients to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and grow revenue as a result.  BraMicMar Solution’s strong background in sales and operations makes the consultative process seamless and unobtrusive to the client."
Yvonne Contreras – Program Director, Global So
urcing Council